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Sat Sep 28 2013

Testing Parse.com Cloud Code using Q Promises

I've been playing with Parse.com Cloud Code, and wanted to write more code offline so I didn't have to keep pushing to the cloud, plus wanted to use Test Driven Development.

I also had seen their blog post What’s so great about JavaScript Promises? and decided that was the best way to go for handling async logic.

For testing and mocking, I discovered the Q promise library which is fantastic. For a great intro listen to the 037 JSJ Promises with Domenic Denicola and Kris Kowal podcast and see Q Getting Started and Tutorial.

The problem I ran into was that the Parse.com promise library handles error-handling differently than the Promises/A+ spec (instead it follows jQuery's implementation) so then started trying to create a mock of a Parse.com promise, but this was a bit tricky and I wasn't happy with result.

Then I finally had the thought to replace the Parse.com promise implementation with Q. That way I could implement my Cloud Code with Q and also write my tests with Q.

Here's an initial experiment of using Q with Parse.com Cloud Code.

How to run: I just created a new Cloud Code project with the Parse command-line tool parse new and then grabbed q.js via an npm install q and copied q.js into the ./cloud directory.

{% gist 6747919 %}

Here's the code on gist.github.com