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Sun Sep 09 2012

iOS Automated Testing: Refactored

My mobile projects lately include various combinations of JavaScript and Objective-C. Usually either 100% native iOS, or JavaScript running on a native iOS (or Android) layer.

I also like to dabble with various projects, and am tired of the heavy weight of setting up new Xcode projects when I just want to experiment with some concepts. The JavaScript side is already much lighter.

I consider it heavy because:

An example scenario:

I'm very happy with Jasmine for testing JavaScript, since it's easy to setup and use. I created a jasmine-headless-boilerplate project that is a starting place for those wanting to setup and run Jasmine JavaScript tests with their projects, and also be able to run it headless on their CI server or on Travis CI.

The New Plan

So for my Objective-C code, I have formulated a plan to deal with both of these at once:

When I'm done, I'll have a versatile and well-tested library that I can quickly add to any project or experiment.

Here's a Starter Project to play with: Enjoyable iOS Testing

Other Xcode Testing Starter Projects and Resources

I'm now looking around for bare bones Xcode starter projects to use: