Evolving Bits

Wed Apr 04 2012

With Great JavaScript Comes Great Inspiration

I'd say the theme of Day Two at JSConf 2012 was inspiration, and was another great day of talks:

Green for Dinner

After the JSConf family photo, nine of us then went to a local vegetarian restaurant called Green which was amazing. The place was packed the whole time while the atmosphere was very easy going. They had a great variety of original and tasty foods.

Boot2Gecko Phone

In the evening, I finally had a chance to play with Mozilla's Boot2Gecko phone and built a simple app. In Accelo the JSConf logo floats around the screen and moves as you tilt the phone.

Development was fairly smooth and I was able to install my app as part of the Gaia update/install process, but didn't have luck yet setting it up to install as a stand-alone app.

Albeit since the app is solely HTML/CSS/JS it works just fine by visiting the site http://accelo.evolvingbits.com/accelo/ on the Boot2Gecko phone (or even works on my Macbook Pro which apparently sends accelerometer events). However when viewing on iOS, the accelerometer events seem to be reversed, so not sure which implementation is off.

Thank you

Thanks JSConf for another great year of new friends, bull-riding, great talks, tasty food and inspiration. I will miss the sunshine and the playtime, but excited to jump into the all new tech-wonders that I can use for my web and mobile projects back in Seattle. The Firesky Resort in Scottsdale was a perfect conference location, and I was also very happy with my stay next door at Chaparral Suites.

Also a big thank you to my company Saltbox.com who have sponsored me to attend JSConf this year! We're developers of an online communication and learning application that allows Sales organizations to keep a pulse on what happening with their products, their customers and their competitors.