Evolving Bits

Mon Apr 02 2012

Thanks NotConf for a Great JSConf 2012 Pre-conference

Arriving PHX was flawless, the Twilio-sponsored shuttle was there to pick me up from the airport.

After checking-in, it was sunny and mid-70s as a few of us awaited for a friendly volunteer-sponsored shuttle to whisk us over to NotConf in fine style.

This one day event went off without a hitch and was a lot of fun.

We arrived to free food, free local beer, t-shirts, sunshine, friendly faces -- and of course JavaScript. 30-min talks leap frogged 30 min demos.

Best talk

I was only there the last half of the day, so my favorite talk was Pamela Fox's (she also won best costume) "Why ternary operators make me want to kick someone in the nuts: AKA code readability." She highlighted that most JavaScript developers are users of other people (library) code, and had many good points about what to do to make users lives much easier by making the code more approachable:

Favorite Demo

My favorite demo was deployd.com who had wired up an iRobot and a maze, and attendees could create a program that navigated the robot through it, complete with leaderboard. This demonstrated their cool "instant backend" for software developers and tinkerers to easily create a RESTful backend with no code -- which in this case was then downloaded to a robot. Their business card says it all with "Join the Backend Liberation Movement".

Thank you

The closing event was of course outside, where we all wound down with beer, nice conversations, and a local musician who was playing for us in the courtyard. My pale Seattle skin even gained some color and was happy to absorb all that natural Vitamin D.

Thanks to the organizers of NotConf.com -- it was an impressive one-day conference and a great start to JSConf 2012.