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Wed Mar 25 2009

PyCon2009 Tutorial Recap: Real World Django / Optimizations in Python

I primed the pump on the flight to PyCon by catching up on my reading. "Expert Python Programming" (Tarek Ziade) reminded me that I wanted to play with ipython shell and virtualenv (just learned today about the handy extension "virtualenvwrapper"), and reinforced and offered many great Best Practices.

Optimization Tutorial

I then got on my geek at "Faster Python Programs through Optimization" (Mike Müller of Python Academy), where we dove deeper into profiling and tips on improving speed or saving memory.

Some paraphrased guidelines to consider before you start optimizing (which were also reinforced in the "Real World Django" tutorial which I'll chat about next):

We played with the profiling tools (profile, cProfile, time, pystone, heapy) and used them to compare various techniques:

Real-world Django Tutorial

This very aptly named presentation by Jacob Kaplan-Moss and James Bennett was excellent for those of us who develop and deploy Django websites. The full skinny (with link to slides) is here: http://jacobian.org/speaking/2009/real-world-django/

Some highlights for me included:

Various tidbits for the next few days here at PyCon:

Time for some sleep... more tutorials tomorrow, then 3 days of conference, then 4 days of sprints!

ps: It's been great to see familiar faces from the Zope and Plone communities, which is often where I "get my Python on". Lately I'm also doing a lot of Django, so enjoying all the synergy around Python here at PyCon2009!