Evolving Bits

Thu Feb 12 2009

Social and Economic Justice, The Interra Project, Center for Ethical Leadership -- and Plone

Congratulations to **Jon Ramer from The Interra Project, and Mark Okazaki from Neighborhood House **for winning this year's Bill Grace Leadership Legacy Award awards from the Center for Ethical Leadership.

Both the Interra Project and Center for Ethical Leadership are clients (and friends) of ours at Web Collective and we're impressed with the great work they are doing.

We developed websites for them in Plone, including Boston Community Change, Puget Sound Community Change and Center for Ethical Leadership.

This award "celebrates Puget Sound leaders whose vision, commitment and unceasing efforts are significantly advancing social, environmental, and economic justice."

Tickets are available for the 4th Annual Bill Grace Leadership Legacy Awards Dinner on March 5th, 2009.

The Interra Project "provides consumers with the incentives they need to shift their purchasing habits to support the health of their communities by shopping with locally-focused, environmentally and sustainably-minded businesses." I was part of the team that built the Boston Community Change website. Now there is a Puget Sound Community Change in our local community. You can sign-up for a community change card for free and use when purchasing at local businesses, or if you own a business you can offer your services to those who have cards.

My experience with Neighborhood House is through a monthly Multicultural Committee meeting where I live (at New Rainier Vista) where they provide language translation and other great community services. Our community has native speakers from Somalia, Ethiopia, China, and Vietnam.