Evolving Bits

Sat Jan 26 2008

What about Django for Seattle Startup Weekend?

We've picked our company product, and have 2 days to finish it during Startup Weekend.

The dev team inventoried its skills and discovered the expected diversity of platforms, skills and languages for the 30+ back-end developers - PHP, Python, Ruby, and .NET. What strategy do we use to merge our skills and get the product developed?

I suggest Django for its easy of adoption possibilities among a very diverse technical crowd, and I provide a bit of rationale for others to consider:

I've been enjoying all the conversations, idea brainstorming, and seeing some familiar faces (such as Josh Livni and Brian Dorsey) while also meeting many new people!

What do you think? Have a look at Django here: http://www.djangoproject.com/

I look forward to seeing what direction we take tomorrow when coding commences!

And special thanks to those who stayed late to setup the server, trac and subversion.