Evolving Bits

Sun Oct 07 2007

The CollectiveGTD Project (and sprints in Naples)

Encouraged by excellent suggestions from the Plone community, Derek and I checked out some of the open-source products including pyGTD, Chandler, and Plone Extreme Management. And combined with the plethora of interesting proprietary solutions, it was obvious there are many directions an open source GTD project can take.

To help organize this project, and make it inclusive for others to participate, we have created two CollectiveGTD projects sites - one for the Plone project, and one for general Open Source GTD in Python code libraries, overall documentation, etc.

The wiki contains early brainstorms and specs, and we've posted a first-generation mockup. This Friday we start coding a base implementation in Plone.

While this is primarily a Plone project, we've organized the project into several separate projects to allow the pieces to be mixed and matched in various ways. We want to push as much functionality into straight Python as possible so that it can be used outside of Plone as well.

I have not played with Chandler yet, but it does seem like a potential treasure chest. It's open-source, written in Python, has both a desktop and server portion -- and has gone through a lot of research and development. An early concern is that it may be too heavy for our current needs -- we're not sure we want one tool to do it all, but rather parts we can mix and match. Though integrating Chandler with Plone does sound like an interesting idea (as Lee Joramo suggests).


I won't be at the Naples conference, but two related sprints of interest: