Evolving Bits

Fri Sep 21 2007

Collaborative GTD for Python and Plone

A roundtrip flight from Seattle to the East Coast is all you need to start your next Python pet project. (Remember to take some vacation in between though!)

I used this time to start development on a python library for the Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology. I've been practicing GTD over the last couple of years using a variety of tools, but just haven't found the right one - my current favorite is iGTD (OSX). There are several others. I also use tools that have some parallels, like Basecamp.

The GTD apps I've used are missing one major feature. They're sophisticated but not open source, which means I can't tweak it to do what I really want, and have been waiting awhile for some fixes that I need.

The idea is to build a pure python library, which could be used by itself if desired. On top of this we plan to build a Plone 3.0 version.

Currently the Python library (in alpha, licensed under GPL3) handles core GTD tasks and some early task management. Derek Hoshiko (also an owner at Web Collective, Inc) and I have been brainstorming some ideas for a web-based multi-user version of the GTD framework.

Ultimately, GTD is great for individuals but what might a web-based version of GTD look like in a multi-user team environment, where you could also see and interact with others' tasks? Can we use this for our internal team project scheduling, availability, task management, and status reporting? We plan to find out.

If you're interested in collaborating on this project, please contact us.